Beulah's Art Glass

Art Glass Invoice for Beulah's Apartment, 1915

Invoice for the art glass for Beulah's room. Courtesy of the Filson Historical Society.

As the neighborhood continued to change, the Brennan family adapted by replacing many of the original windows in the house with art glass. This glass allowed the natural light to come in, but no person could clearly see in or out of the house. Wooden shutters were also installed in many of the rooms.

The decades between 1890 and 1930 marked the era of the “streetcar suburb.” In the days before many people owned automobiles, fixed streetcar lines ran throughout downtown Louisville. These streetcars provided easy access to mobility, which in turn provided for more suburbs and the migration out of downtown.

Coat of Arms in Beulah's Room

Brennan family coat of arms in the door and Bruce family coat of arm in the window.

Bay Window in Beulah's Room with Art Glass

Bay window's in Beulah's room, which contain two peepholes each.

Beulah's Art Glass