1900s 5th Street

1906 Sanborn

1906 Sanborn Insurance Map. The Brennan House is highlighted in red.

The 1906 Sanborn Insurance map only does not list the names of the land owners like the previous maps. By looking at the 1900 census and city directories, you can look at those listed around them and continue to characterize the neighborhood.

Caron’s Directory of the City of Louisville for 1905 shows the Brennan House occupied by Thomas Brennan. Lucien Hormell and some of the other renters are still residing north of the Brennan House. Renters also reside to the south of the house. However, there is one somewhat famous renter four houses down, Otto Seelbach. He and his brother Louis immigrated from Germnay with dreams of building one of the grandest hotels in Louisville. The Seelbach Hotel opened on 4th and Walnut on May 1, 1905, just in time for the Kentucky Derby. However, at that time, Seelbach was not the wealthy man he would eventually become.

1905 directory

Caron’s Directory of the City of Louisville for 1905.

1900s 5th Street