Late 20th Century

Filson Club in Brennan House.

The Filson Historical Society working out of the Brennan House.

Albert and Napoleon were the last Brennans living in the home after J.A.O.’s death in 1963. The brothers moved from the home in 1969, when the house and its artifacts were donated to The Filson Historical Society. The house was used as a museum extension of the Filson until 1992 when it was sold to the Brennan House Foundation. At this time the house was owned and operated as a house museum until 2008. After months of study and following the recommendations of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and local stakeholders, the foundation's mission and name changed to become Preservation Louisville Inc. to reflect the organization's wider interest in historic preservation throughout the Louisville community. 

Today, The Brennan House serves as the home of Preservation Louisville, which has a full-time executive director and maintains the house and family collection as part of its mission to “protect and promote the cultural, architectural and environmental heritage of our community.”

Late 20th Century